By popular vote Ebba Busch (KD) wins the:

Most Provocative Political Performance 2018-2022

Followed by a close second place for Jimmie Åkesson (SD), 27 votes, and a little trailing Ulf Kristersson (M), 21 votes, Tobias Andersson (SD) takes an honourable 4th place with 17 votes.

What the overseeing professional Jury had to say:
Perhaps a little unexpected, but we believe the people have voted for the most consistent performer. Some performers, like the two runners-up, might have put more efforts in setting up one very strong and memorable performance, Ebba Busch has consistently been able to bring the same high quality performances to the general public over this four year period. She topped the number of performances by a single politician with no less than 5 nominations.
A deserving winner.

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