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Den 23 augusti 2019 publicerade Expressen en djupgående intervju med Jimmie Åkesson, partiledare för Sverigedemokraterna (SD), där han förklarade både sin politiska syn på samtidskonst och politikers ansvar.

Vad är den politiska synen på samtidskonst ur ett samhällsperspektiv: “Det här handlar ju om hur man använder skattepengar. Ska de användas för att köpa in konstföremål som provocerar och väcker anstöt eller ska de användas till att köpa in sådant som skapar sammanhållning och förenar kommunens invånare. Jag [Jimmie] väljer det senare.”

Vad är politikernas ansvar när det gäller konstens innehåll: “Jag [Jimmie] tycker att politiker, i högsta grad, ska lägga sig i hur men använder skattepengar.

Avslutande kommentarer: “Jag [Jimmie] tycker inte att skattepengar ska användas för att splittra samhället. Jag [Jimmie] tycker att skattepengar ska användas för att hålla ihop samhället.”

Videoklipp (1min42) här

De tydliga, sunda förnuftskriterier som Jimmie Åkesson har lagt fram när det gäller konst kan också tillämpas på politik:

Vilka politiska föreställningar har vi bevittnat i Sverige som har provocerat och förolämpat folket – antingen oavsiktligt eller avsiktligt?

Vilka politiska föreställningar har använt skattepengar för att skapa splittring i samhället?

Nomineringarna för 2018-2022 är inne. Det finns 31 nomineringar, listade nedan efter performancens år. Varje parti som hade mandat i parlamentet under 2018-2022 är representerat.

Ett pris för MOST PROVOCATIVE POLITICAL PERFORMANCE 2018-2022 kommer att delas ut till den föreställning som får flest röster från allmänheten före söndagen den 4 september. Klicka på knappen nedan för att lägga DIN RÖST. SE VINNAREN!

On August 23d 2019, the Swedish newspaper Expressen published an in-depth interview with Jimmie Åkesson, party leader of the Swedish Democrats (SD), explaining both a political vision on contemporary art as well as a politician’s responsibility.

What ’s the political view on contemporary art from a societal point of view: “It’s all about how tax money gets used. Should it be used to buy art which provokes and offends people or should it be used to buy art that creates cohesion and unites the municipality’s residents. I [Jimmie] choose the latter.”

What’s a politicians’ responsibility in terms of art’s content: “I [Jimmie] believe that the highest priority for politicians is in deciding how to use tax money.”

Final remarks: “I [Jimmie] don’t think tax money should be used to divide society. Tax money should be used to hold society together.”

Video clip (1min42) in Swedish here

Those clear, common sense criteria set out by Jimmie Åkesson concerning art can also be applied to politics:

Which political performances have we witnessed in Sweden that have provoked and offended the people – either inadvertently or on purpose?

Which political performances have used tax money to create division in society?

The nominations for 2018-2022 are in. There are 31 nominations, listed below by performance year. Every party that held office in Parliament during 2018-2022 is represented.

An award for MOST PROVOCATIVE POLITICAL PERFORMANCE 2018-2022 will be presented to the performance that receives the most votes from the general public before Sunday, Sept. 4th. Click the button below to cast YOUR VOTE. SEE THE WINNER!



– Ali Esbati (V ) “The capeless hero: State Censor”: defending unlawful censorship
– Emma Carlsson Löfdahl (L) “Tax payers pay MY market prices”: remuneration abuse
– Eskil Erlandsson (C) “Viking hands”: sexual harassment charges  
– Ulf Kristersson (M), “Promises, promises”:  broken promise to Hédi Fried 
– Hanif Bali (M) ”Bad Mouth Bali strikes again”: online attack on Carl Bildt
– Collective performance: Aron Etzle/Johan Sjöstedt/Amineh Kakabaveh (V) “The Wild, wild V”
– Hanif Bali (M) “Hanif vs DN”: online attacks on the free press


– Fredrick Federley (C ) “Beyond reproach”: lying about not being familiar with his partner’s verdict
– Stefan Löfven (S), “Spreading Xmas Gifts”: Christmas shopping at the mall in full corona pandemic
– Jimmie Åkesson (SD) “Sweden is full”: non-essential travel to the Greek-Turkish border at the start of the pandemic and getting arrested and deported by the Turkish police 
– Nyamko Sabuni (L) “L is for Lobby”: presenting a proposal written by the car lobby group
– Ebba Busch (KD), “Ebattera”: inspiring the creation of a new Swedish verb ‘Ebbatera: to blame someone else for problems you yourself have contributed to”
– Ebba Busch (KD), “Look Boris, this is how you do it” alt: ”Corona party girl”: not keeping distance while going to parties during the pandemic

– Jimmie Åkesson (SD), “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck…”: Rehearsed outburst of indignation on a televised debate
– Alice Bah Kuhnke (MP) “EUhm a little Nudity never hurt anyone”: treating EU committee colleagues to a little nudity on video call
– Ebba Busch (KD), “I’m innocent until I say I’m guilty”: Sentenced and fined for gross defamation while maintaining to be innocent
– Frida Trollmyr (S) “Lady Justice really is Blind”: choosing career over justice
– Rebecka Le Moine (MP), “Free press? Free press!”: supporting a proposal to limit the freedom of the press
– Magdalena Andersson (S), “If you test run, make it historic “: prime minister for a couple of hours
– Peter Lundgren (SD) “Not a crime in MY book”: convicted for sexual harassment, maintaining his innocence

– Beata Milewczyks (SD), “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”: Gangster shooting in her car
– Nyamko Sabuni (L), “Abandoning Ship”, : fantasising about fleeing the country during war
– Ebba Busch (KD), “Shoot to kill”: suggesting the police shoot to kill into crowds
– Johan Pehrson (L), “L is for Lobby 2” : not understanding the conflict of interest
– Jörgen Hellman (S), “I don’t do dishes”: receiving compensation for living in a house without a toilet (nor windows)
– Helena Bouveng (M), “Sorry”: misappropriation of housing rights
– Anders Eberhardt (SD), “Killer instinct”: sentenced and jailed for murder 
– Ebba Busch (KD), “It’s my house and I’ll scold if I want to”: the house affair  
– Johan Pehrson (L), “Proustian Memory lapse”: pretending to be knowledgeable on French literature
– Martin Kinnunen (SD), “White book, Brown Book… it’s a book”: appointing an SD member as impartial, non-political author
– Tobias Andersson (SD), “Victory or Repatriation, what’s in a word?”: taking the SD party’s advertising stunt just that ‘little’ bit further for effect. 

6 nomineringar avvisades från att delta i omröstningen, men de listas här som:

6 nominations were rejected to participate in the vote, but are listed here as:


– Sara Skyttedal (KD), “Fly more to save the planet”: promoting more airplane travel as a positive climate action (JAN 2018) // Full story here
Rejected: happened before Election Day Sept. 2018

– Sara Skyttedal (KD), “Dangerous… and armed”: lashing out on social media to Denmark (AUG 2018) // Full story here, here, here.
Rejected: happened before Election Day Sept. 2018

Ali Khalil (MP) “Blessed are the Moderaterna”: trying to sell the votes from believers (SEPT 2018) // Full story here
Rejected: happened before Election Day Sept. 2018

– Iréne Svenonius (M ), “the voter can decide in the election”: dismissing all criticism to remain in office until the next election (MAR 2018 – 2022) // Full Story here, here, here.
Rejected: still ongoing performance

– SD,“Take-away Chinese”: local SD municipal board appropriating tax money for personal gain (MAY 5 2022) // Full story here
Rejected: no identified performer

– SD, “Riksdagen dick-picks”: SD member of parliament sending inappropriate “dick-picks” from the Parliament premisses (AUG 6 2022) // Full story here, here.
Rejected: no identified performer

“The Most Provocative Political Performance Award”, som inrättas på plattformen KVADRENNALEN som ett deltagande konstverk av Thierry Mortier, 2022.

“The Most Provocative Political Performance Award”, is being set up on the KVADRENNALEN platform as a participative art piece by Thierry Mortier, 2022