KVADRENNALEN is an idea. An idea to come together as an art community to show society at large that the art community is already UNITED in their belief in ART.
The idea came from a Belgian/Swedish visual artist called Thierry Mortier, but that’s not important, what IS important is that ALL the names in the Swedish art world are represented, across all the disciplines.

Which is also the answer to ‘who is behind KVADRENNALEN’: you are! All the artists, art workers, art curators, art spaces, art institutions, … that are making KVADRENNALEN a reality.

No, KVADRENNALEN is not an organisation. It is not commercial, it is not non-profit, it is not public, it is not private. It is the art community coming together and showing that we are united in ART! We don’t need an organisation for that, we need a movement, a willingness to show the world that we, the art community, stand together when what we believe in, ART, is under threat!