“I Sverige talar man svenska. Perfekt svenska är snobbigt överskattat, men fullt begriplig svenska är djupt underskattat. Talar man inte svenska språket får man väldigt svårt att komma in i det svenska samhället.” Ulf Kristersson, M, 2017

KVADRENNALEN intends to have a multi-lingual website up and running by 2022, when the art conversation starts with the Swedish voting public. In order to do so KVADRENNALEN is looking for a volunteer TRANSLATOR ENG/SE – SE/ENG that is sympathetic to KVADRENNALEN’s cause and has experience with translating art related texts.

Are you that volunteer? Perhaps you are the perfect, bilingual artist, art critic, curator, or art enthusiast that wants to help KVADRENNALEN out with the language of culture and the culture of language. Please get in touch at

… if you are not that volunteer, and you were just looking for the Swedish version: Apologies. KVADRENNALEN understands the issue all too well of not completely understanding certain language or nuances in language and hopes to accommodate you in Swedish in the very near future.