KVADRENNALEN [The quadrennial] aims to counter art’s devaluation – a mechanism of narrative control – and the restrictions of art’s freedom – a general suppression tactic – in politicized [populist] discourse during general election years.

In the run up to general elections everywhere: art and culture are politicized to the maximum, especially in simplistic, populist rhetorics of the moment.

It is an easy political tactic to score points with the voter’s base – at the expense of the generative heart of shared culture: art and artists – and, perhaps even more important, it silences one of the most reactive critical voices in society: the free arts.

This recurring phenomenon is greatly helped by the natural composition and inclination of art and artists: in order to find views, insights, perspectives that can offer the most objective observations possible, artists need to step out of the spheres of influence and research, process, work on the prevailing relations they find in society. As a result they form a collective of individual voices, that outwardly seems scattered, unconnected or even diffuse. A group divided is a group conquered, right?

KVADRENNALEN knows that this scattered image of the free arts is but a general perception: art and artists, around the globe, share one of the strongest bonds i.e. their undeniable, unwavering belief in art and its rightful place at the heart of culture.

By asking artists, from all disciplines [visual, sound, stage/performance, word, …] to do what they do best, KVADRENNALEN’s purpose is to show a united art world that takes up a voice in the public debate around art and culture, through openness, cultural accessibility, highlighting the generative power of art for a tolerant, vibrant culture while addressing all groups of society without exclusion… and to speak up for art. Countering politicized discourse by politicians and policymakers in the public debate. Is there anyone that likes being talked about, without getting the opportunity to talk for themselves? Probably not, right?

When the culture of a society is suffering, art heals. When culture becomes out-dated and obsolete, art renews. When culture becomes stiff, art softens. When culture becomes unresponsive and passive, art rallies and activates.

“The society whose modernisation has reached the stage of the integrated spectacle is characterised by the combined effect of five principal features
incessant technological renewal; 
integration of state and economy; 
generalised secrecy; 
unanswerable lies; 
an eternal present.

From “Comments on the Society of the Spectacle.”- Guy Debord, 1988 (Translation 1990)

KVADRENNALEN is non-partisan, the only governance, rule or affairs at KVADRENNALEN are the affairs, rule and governance of art.
KVADRENNALEN is a-religious, the only belief at KVADRENNALEN is the belief in art.

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