Mar 03 - 27 2022

Retorikkabinett @ Färgfabriken

Retorikkabinett is a 4 weeks, open to all, program of workshops, lectures, video screenings, performances, and plenty of art to respond to political threats! during and at the temporary KVADRENNALEN HQs at Färgfabriken.

Retorikkabinett’s Video room:
Unless the room is used for talks, performances or workshops, you’ll find continual loops of the following video’s:

  • Gamefields (video work, 3’32”), Noemi Sjöberg
    Synopsis: While two girls cross different lands without any problem, others risk their lives trying to cross them. Lives which politicians play with. The rise of the extreme right has entered the political game. A nightmare which one wants to wake up from and leave the children play in peace, in any land whatsoever.
  • Ella Tillema’s Pamfletter 2009-2022 (30’32”), Ella Tillema
  • Remissvar (animation video, 14’17”), Sverigeakrobaterna
    Sverigeakrobaterna är ett politiskt parti som för Sverige i tangentens riktning. Det är urskillningslös satir som bottnar i en besvikelse över det politiska spelet.
  • Conversation (23’14”), Vlady
  • KVADRENNALEN video documents:
    • KVADRENNALEN talk @ Supermarket Art Fair (2021) (32’05”)
    • KVADRENNALEN, Politisk Obunden (2021) (8’16”)

Check the calendar for the events planned during Retorikkabinett.

Come say hello!

Thursday – Sunday: 11 – 16h.

Free admission.

Beckers konstnärsstipendium 2022 also runs until March 27 at Färgfabriken, which is a paying exhibtion. Check Färgfabriken for more info.

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