Feb 19 2022 - Jun 19 2022

#Hi Jack! Program: Mona Hatoum – So Much I Want To Say

Mona Hatoum’s work will be exhibited simultaneously at two locations in Stockholm: Magasin III Museum for Contemporary Art in Frihamnen and the Accelerator exhibition space on the Stockholm University campus. Since the early 1990s, Mona Hatoum’s work has been regarded to be among the most multifaceted and significant art of our time. Through installation, sculpture, performance, photography, and video, she consistently explores issues of the familiar and foreign, home and exile, memory and loss.

KVADRENNALEN’s #Hi Jack!Program lists shows that are not set up under KVADRENNALEN, but that show artists and art works that need to be seen by the largest possible audience, because they speak for art, with art. Art voices that show art’s essential place within society and they show the power of art,… which means that they simply cannot be lacking in the KVADRENNALEN calendar.

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