Jan 21 2022 - Feb 06 2022


08:00 - 18:00


Candyland officially opens KVADRENNALEN 2022. with:
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Vernissage and performance Friday 21 Januari at 17–20.
Put on warm clothes and only come if you feel completely healthy.
GREBNELLAW is an accumulative body: presented as live performance, music and installation works. In an unfolding ‘mise-en-scene’, the artists use the bodies of their imaginary population to simulate the euphoria of genesis. After cycles of chemical soups and BIG big bangs, the subatomic Grebnellaw dances on the knife’s edge to the sound of decarbonisation and dying fossil fuels
WELCOME to a non-specific exhibition, a reconstruction of the space, a further investigation into some new variants of Grebnellaw, as they evade immunity and present themselves at Candyland. The Grebnellaw is out to make an exhibition, and will bring portraits of their relatives and ancestors, perform some Pop bangers, as well as display some other things they’ve been working on lately. Welcome!

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